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House Coffee Espresso Americano Latte Cappuccino Flat White Cortado Macchiato


Earl Grey Tea Fog Pistachio Match Latte Dark Chocolate Mocha White Chocolate Mocha French Vanilla Latte Unsweetened Craft Chai Chocolate Earl Grey Tea Fog Coconut Matcha Latte Dark Chocolate Cayenne Latte Vanilla Cinnamon Anise Latte Roasted Hazelnut Latte Vanilla Chai


Kombucha from Stargazer Kava from Leilo Booze-free Elixirs from Curious


Sing Your Song Atomic Gold Orange Grapefruit Chocolate Strawberry Mango & Friends Mint Chamomile Honeybush Cider Vanilla Rooibos Lemon Cream Rooibos Jasmine Green Gunpowder Green Peach White Earl Grey Chocolate Earl Grey English Breakfast Butter Oolong


Unsweetened Iced Teas: Black Green Mint Mango Black Mint Mint Green Sweet Iced Teas: Vanilla Black Coconut Green Watermelon Mint Dragon Fruit Mango Sweet Iced Tea Fogs: Caramel Cream Black Coconut Cream Green Earl Grey Vanilla Cream


Mushroom Mama Tea Lattes: Eye of the Tiger (turmeric) Staying Alive (cinnamon) A Taste of Chocolate Bliss Point Dharmaceutical Elixirs: CacaoEase (mood) Cacaovation (memory) Chaivation (concentration)



Totally unique, being the 1st of it’s kind in USA. It’s a must go-to in Santa Fe! The coffee is on point. Justin (aka 13Pieces) – a passionate DJ and coffee lover – opened in Dec 2018 with his wife. You can feel the positive energy the cafe exudes. Kudos to Remix for following their passions and killing it.

Kameron B.

If you like to be surrounded by music then this is the place for you. They have DJ setups you can rent out to work on your skills. Only place I’ve been to that serves mushroom based lattes, and delicious as well! We had a lion’s mane latte as well as a chocolate latte, both came out great! Will be frequenting this place next time we’re in Santa Fe.

Faith L.

But the best part of the place hides in plain sight among the record paraphernalia and high-tech beanbag chairs:

Remix is also downtown Santa Fe’s best espresso bar.

Molly B.

This place has a buzzy vibe, thumping tunes, friendly staff, delicious coffee, and beanbags. What else do you want in your cafe?

Dean W.

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